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Do you think you're perceptive and have great reflex? Play Sticky Numbers to find out how it really is! No matter whether you have a spare 5 minutes, or an hour, every game can be just as rewarding. Be careful, this game can be addictive.
The rules of the game are very simple. Rotate both numbers so that their segments of the same colour face the centre line, in parallel and symmetrically to each other. Collect as many points as possible, compete with friends and the whole world. Use the characters that will help you enlarge your result.


Play with heroes to increase your score!

Sticky Numbers - hero Chicken


No bad bonuses (rotator & fast) during the game.
Sticky Numbers - hero Rooster


Every stick gives you 2 more points.
Sticky Numbers - hero Cat


When you catch money bonus, every stick gives you 2 coins (instead of 1).
Sticky Numbers - hero Octopus


With Octopus you have better chance to catch "reduce speed" bonus.
Sticky Numbers - hero Bat


When you catch any bonus, Bat hero gives you 5 sticks (remember, every 25 stick you receive 1 coin).
Sticky Numbers - hero Mouse


Mouse hero gives you extra life.
Sticky Numbers - hero Fox


With Fox you can play with bonuses all the time, but there is a greater chance for bad bonuses.


Catch bonuses but be careful, two of them are bad!

Sticky Numbers - bonus Points x2


During this bonus, the result of sticky is doubled.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Money


During Money bonus, every stick gives you extra 1 coin.
Sticky Numbers - bonus +5


Add extra 5 points with every stick.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Happy


With this extra bonus you can increase score by 100 points or even more.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Color


Many colors almost on every part of the digits ...
Sticky Numbers - bonus Helper


This bonus shows you how many times you have to tap each part of the screen.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Shield


play with shield to not lose a life.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Reduce Speed

Reduce Speed

As it says - reduce speed of digits.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Rotator


It rotates digits to the left.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Fast


Increase speed of digits.

Other futures

Few features to have more fun!

Sticky Numbers - bomb

Bomb effect

With bomb you can explode numbers! Bomb regeneration time is 1 minute, so you can use it more than once in the same play.
Sticky Numbers - bonus Money

Scratch effect

Beware of the touch screen!
Sticky Numbers - bonus +5

Animated background

Animated background to make game so smooth. Many designs.

Gameplay & Screenshots

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Latest reviews

Excellent game ! It develops both reflexes and mind.

Piotr Górmiński

Latest reviews

Great game. I play with wife in every free moment. I would highly recommend. :)

Maciej Szkudziński

Latest reviews

Excellent! Very cool idea and good design.

Adam Nawrocki


Jacek Bieniecki

Idea, design, gfx, music, sound fx

Janusz Kawczyński


Tyler Finck


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